Episode 005

"The Journey Back to me"


June 24th, 2019

1 min 34 secs

Season 2

Your Hosts

About this Episode

About the book:
As we go through life, we will experience pain, hurt, scars, expectations both high and low, met and unmet. We will inevitably accumulate this baggage and carry it with us through life. When we do this we can get further and further away from whom God desires us to be. He desires us to be free and able to move swiftly with each surprise life brings us. It's not a matter of if but a matter of when these things will happen. However, when we carry them it will affect how we move, breathe, love, live and how we react. We can sometimes even become visually unrecognizable. As a professional weight-lifter can strain to carry or lift heavy weight and activates each individual muscle group, many of us go through life in this single pose. Never resting, never breathing and never taking the journey back to whom God created us to be. There is a way back. There is a way to dig ourselves out of what we allowed life to pile on us. We can discover our true purpose and stay on track to being perfected by our journey. Our journey isn't meant to be perfect but rather meant to perfect us.