Episode 112

“In humility”


May 19th, 2019

13 mins 47 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Philippians 2:3
In humility consider others more important than yourself.

We cannot live life of abundance and fruitfulness without humility.
What is humility-A modest of low view of ones own importance

Key Things to remember 
• Hierarchy-  starts with God and continues with God-We have to understand in the hierarchy  of God, Christ and man we are the only expendable part.
• Positioning- You cannot love others and put them first if you cannot love yourself and put Christ first 

• Perspective- is not a simply an action but a perspective that creates an specific action.
• Actions-  is shown not so much in how you treat others
• Result- God is glorified through out obedience, we still within alignment and their no collateral damage.