Episode 3

Texas size faith


February 12th, 2018

17 mins

Season 1

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About this Episode

What about faith?

  • What is faith?
  • Faith is not anticipation
  • Did I ever truly use faith fully up until that point?
  • How did I know faith was needed?
  • I heard about all this faith stuff being raise and COGIC but never saw it in my life personally or it wasn’t brought to my attention when it happened.

  •  I believed out of obligation. My faith was obligatory. It was based on what I was supposed to do and not based on what God could do. My faith was in my having faith not in God having me.
  • We sometimes we can confuse faith in things we can compute or make sense off, but faith doesn’t make sense. So we have to ask ourselves if our faith in God or what we believe we can make sense of.

God’s grace isn’t black and white
I didn’t understand God’s grace. I was under the impression, when we are trying to have faith we better make the right decision because if you’re wrong all is ruined!

What I've learned was, God just wants you to trust him for everything and his grace will allow a blessing from a good or bad decision. His grace doesn’t need to be bought just received. By received I mean know if you make a bad decision God knows your heart and intentions.

Faith Counts the cost

I thought faith was desire and belief with no plan and great expectation.I thought faith was mostly Gods part. I believed and he did all the footwork.  I thought the great expectation the greater the faith. Imagined how those decisions turned out. This created a faith in my plan and not in God.

This taught me its good to have a great faith and expectation but we need to count the cost and involve wisdom.

When we decided to move, we have but we had a plan and conditions:

  • Chose two cities
  • Had to keep my salary
  • Able to rent a house
  • Good market for nursing
  • Family oriented community
  • Mixed demographics

Faith without works is dead:

  • My faith was in God so me and my Wife created a plan based on who God was and that fact that he could do this for us.

  • We didn’t anticipate him doing it, we believed he could and would if it was his will.

  • To anticipate is me to expecting something based on what I know. We did not know if God Would do it but we did know he would keep us and his will was best for us.

So we had a planned on him doing it and planned for things remaining. If it was God’s will for us to stay and we anticipated us leaving we would’ve been sad and disappointed because our faith was in our plan.

But we knew God Would keep us and would exercise his perfect will in our lives. Knowing that we planned based on who God is, what we desire and us be able accept Gods ultimate plan for that season.