Episode 42

Bad choices, bill me later!


July 9th, 2018

16 mins 33 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Galatians 6:7

  • We can’t expect things to just go away. They won’t.

  • God helps those who want his help and want to change.

  • We want things to change and improve but we don’t want to face our mistakes and the pain we caused. We won’t to move on as though it never occurred. It all becomes baggage that we must face to be free. “The truth”

  • Relationships-we make mistakes and keep going, we don’t stop evaluate and fix and make right.

  • work-we don’t do our best. We get there late, leave earlier, don’t show appreciation for the job God has given you and we wonder why were don’t move up.

  • body health-we don’t eat right, don’t meditate don’t exercise but are surprised when are health fails is.

  • finances-we get credit cards buy stuff with the mind set “ I’ll deal with it later “ and only delay the inevitable.

It all catches up. There’s no filing bankruptcy in life situations.

God will forgive you but we still must deal with the damage done.

All these can happen when we compromise what we know to do. Either because we are lazy and don’t feel like it, because of our impatience or because we will stand out from others for doing right.

We fix this by:

  • Acknowledging the mess
  • Taking ownership of the mess
  • Get over yourself (you’ve messed up now time to clean up and you may look bad)
  • Ask for help to clean up the mess ( pride comes before a fall)
  • Undo what you have done which is the hard part. Changing direction, trust will need to be rebuilt in some cases, somethings must be re prioritized finically to get out of debt, if you neglected you children or marriage you might need to admit you faults several times so reassure them.
  • Remember what you lost when you didn’t think you would reap what you sow