Episode 8

What about me?


March 12th, 2018

17 mins 42 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

What is it that makes me want to make it all about me?

Why aren’t we in a place where we can allow others to go ahead of us or get a win?

Are we not fully secured with God’s will for us to be a serving?

Do we not believe that God will reward us for being his servants?

Is it supposed to matter if we don’t get rewarded?

What does it say about truly about our hearts ?

  • When we make it about us….
  • When we decide to make it about us, we lose sight of the big picture.
  • We become annoyed when we are interrupted by routine things that are important.
  • we become so closed minded and have tunnel vision in that moment we lose track of time, relationships and most importantly we don’t practice sacrifice and servant hood which makes be a baby.

We don’t sacrifice enough!

When we don’t practice sacrifice and make it about us all the time we only show up when it benefits us. That’s with time emotion and effort.

Why is it so easy to fall into this cycle of me when we were created to be relational?

No matter how much we know about what our priorities should be we don’t make it about others or the big picture.

We are shown by Jesus’ sacrifice that leadership, servant hood and sacrifice all go hand and hand.

*This is something we should be working through daily: *

  • 1. As a fathers and mothers
  • 2. Spouses
  • 3. As employer and employee
  • 4. ultimately because it makes me feel good. (In the short term)