Episode 80

Go get fixed


December 3rd, 2018

13 mins 1 sec

Season 2

Your Hosts

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Don’t wait to feel better: moving toward god and obeying begins that progress.

Don’t wait for others validation: a lot of us our held back from a better life because we care too much about fitting in or being approved by others. But we stand out so God can get glory.

Better doesn’t come back accident, it’s about positioning along with God’s Grace and mercy- The leper’s were there waiting for Jesus and didn’t whisper they cried out. Some times we are waiting for God to approach us be we have to speak up, God after what he has promised us in his word.

When obedience to God meets faith in God greater happens- a lot of us say we have faith but won’t obedience. We make a lot of noise but don’t take a lot
Of action. Obedience to God activates our purpose and along with our faith will bring forth new life and different situations. faith is moving without details or an answer just knowing God knows best.

This help looks differently:

Could be in the form of a pastor, counselor, therapist, life coach, best friend, AA, and accountability partner. What ever the case we must remember two things:

  1. Cry out to Jesus
  2. Obedience to his direction to where to go