Abundant Grace For Life

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The why
Typically when I think of dreams, I think of two different meanings. One being subconscious thoughts and the other are hopes and aspirations. As I grow older I think many of times we pass on dreams because we typically go with the first definition, not ever connecting it to the second definition. What if God was speaking to you in your dreams? Your most relaxed state of mind. What if we felt the dreams God placed in our heart were somehow connected to our purpose? There have been times I have watched something and my subconscious has made me dream of it. Or likewise I was worried or hopeful about something and that’s what I dreamed about. I believe that can happen so often we write off a lot of our dreams as meaningless. More often than not it’s because of its unlikelihood of taking place. But God has placed each dream in our mind and heart for a purpose. Maybe prayer for your worried mind, prayer for your dreams of hope. or as a sign to watch what we expose our eyes to. (What we watch) Whatever the case, we should examine our response to them all.

What if the Joseph who dreamed many dreams in the book of Genesis of the bible, only saw his dreams as comfort not hope? His dreams about his entire family were very outlandish. Given the current condition he was in, (being resented and looked down on by his brothers) could have brought comfort to him. But that wasn’t the case. What if your dream was a glimpse of what God could do? What if that dream of becoming a doctor in your 40’s wasn’t just a dream? What if becoming a writer with no experience wasn’t just a dream? What if you being debt-free from hundreds of thousands of dollars wasn’t just a dream? Yes, these kinds of thoughts bring us comfort but hope and comfort are different. Comfort will cause you to relax, while hope will cause you to move toward that thing you hope for. The purpose of our dreams is for us to move toward God in faith. God can do the impossible, we must truly believe God can work all things together for good to them that love him and are called according to his purpose.

Can’t stop, won’t stop
Just like Joseph in the story I just mention, his dreams weren’t just for him. Had he not stepped into the dreams God placed in his heart, who knows what would have happened to his family. But he did. Our dreams are not just for us. Our dreams impact the lives of those around us and the ones we love and care for. God will use our dreams to inspire others to walk in their dreams. Joseph was sold as a slave, accused of rape and imprisoned but never lost hope in his dream. If his dreams were based on comfort, he would have let them go when he was enslaved but he didn’t. Today, choose to see the hope in your dreams and what God can do for you. Remember our dreams aren’t for our comfort but our hope.