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It's about time

Time, what is it? Time is simply a means to measure and motivate us or a task in most cases (my definition). At times it can give us the leisure to slow down and rest if we believe we have a lot of it. I can also give us an urgency to move faster if we don’t believe we have enough of it. Whatever the case time is typically what dictates what actions we take and when we take them. As I take my 2-year-old daughter January with me places to drop off my other two kids or just to run errands with her, I often see how she has no sense of time which equates to no sense of urgency. There have been times when we are running late to an event and she moves as slowly as possible, stopping after each step to observe what’s around her. At times I am frustrated at this because I feel the pressure of time but other times I stand in awe and admire how she has this and often wonder how quickly and soon I moved away from that sense of “carelessness”. I have replaced a sense of carelessness from my youth with control in my “adulting”. I see how I need things to happen in my life and most of the time I have created deadlines eternally based on the stakes. The higher the stakes of the need the sooner it should happen and the more urgent it should be.

Wrong expectations
The issue with this is, I expect God to move in time as I do. Allowing time to dictate what he does because of pressures, and fears that I feel. God does not look at time as we do. Time is simply a measuring tool for us, not him. He knows all and coordinates all. He is 100% sovereign. Time can make us feel in control but we really aren’t. We are simply stewards of it. We allow time to not only dictate how we pray, but how to treat others. I often see when I am rushing or my kids are, we are less caring and empathetic toward others. We also allow time to force us into making quick decisions. Ultimately costing us more time in the future. So how should we approach time? I think we approach time as doing everything until God and not time. Time will lead to miscalculations and often times overestimating or underestimating. However, when we do it as unto the Lord, things will happen in their time. As the bible says, there is a time and season for everything. We are in control of neither. That doesn’t mean we don’t care, what that means is we move the same energy and honor as unto God. Whether we think we have a lot of time or none, we should keep the same energy.

Faith is timeless, and cannot be measured. Yet our faith in God has a limit depending on how long we wait in most cases. If I wait too long sometimes I begin to make reckless decisions without seeking the Lord. I cannot have faith only if God does what I ask. Faith is knowing and believing the decision God makes and what happens is for our good, period. I so often become fixated on what I believe my situation or issue needs in order to be resolved that I lose sight of God knowing what’s best. This “winded faith” will cause me to gain sense tunnel vision and only see what I believe God wants to give me. Typically I will see exactly what I want to see. Just like that car you have test driven and looked up the stats and reviews on. All of a sudden you begin to see that car everywhere because its what you want, therefore its what you see. It was always there before but a lot of times our desires and what our faith is in dictate what we see and how we believe things are aligning in our lives. We should not be limited in our faith and what we believe in God to do. We should not have faith in time but faith in God. Believing God is God no matter the situation is faith. When we let time dictate and limit our faith is in time, not God.

Let God
No matter how uncomfortable it might be, we must allow God to dictate our moves and not put time before God. Time is a creation of God. Like anything else, if we put time before God, it’s a horrible master. Does this mean, be late to everything? Does this mean throw in the towel to everything about time including alarm clocks? Absolutely not. I would only go as far as to say, we must ensure we aren’t putting time before God or people. Without even knowing it, time can easily become our master and turn us into its servant. Most people who are rushed, rush people and so on and so forth. I found when I lose my patience’s driving, I take that impatience with me wherever I go. Just this morning, I was exercising and wanted to do so before my oldest daughters event. My wife called during my workout. She wanted to talk to me for a moment. All I could think about at that moment was the time I was losing exercising that I wouldn’t get back because of the day’s plans. At that moment, I was serving time. My answers and the way in which I conversed with her was very short. She knew it but I didn’t care at the moment. I just wanted my time back. Was this wrong? 100% wrong. Absolutely. I had to apologize. But just its that simple, I was a servant to time. Matthew 6:24 says, no man can serve two masters. So I ask you today, are you serving God or time?