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Fruit of adversity

I don’t know everything but what I can certainly say is with each experience builds a belief that becomes a program. We can either stick to that given program or test them and find the truth. When we find these truths, we either allow a new paradigm to be programmed and grow, or we reject the truths revealed and fall victim to digression.

God has a way of using life to push us to a place of growth and progression. When we have roadblocks in life, adversity teaches us. This also shows us we still haven’t “made it”.

I believe we become stagnant when we begin to view the adversities of life as distractions. They should be viewed as situations that not only keep us busy and learning but they prepare is for the next stage in our life.

There was a time in high school I played football. I wasn’t the best. I honestly only played to get the approval of my dad. I wanted to impress him. However I wasn’t close to good. I wasn’t even a string. I wasn’t the fastest, the most agile or even the brightest in regards to sports but I gave it my all.

Needless to say I never played pro or college football but what I did learn is how to support others around me. I worked hard, never got in or got better just faster. However I was able to maintain a good attitude and praise my peers during their successes and kept one of them from quitting. Just before he decided to quit he got picked to start and played a lot. He turned out to be really good. We are actually great friends today.

Know your role in the adversity
Though only adversity from high school, I learned to examine each situation I’m in and determine my role in it. Each role for each season of adversity will be different and if we lose sight of the “why” we will miss the lesson. There have been times my role in adversity has been at the front. Leading the pack from the front and doing more. Finding new ways to be successful during adversity, teach during adversity and be patient adversity. However in this situation I lead from the back of the line. When adversity hits we need to slow down exam the role and what’s needed to get through this. If you don’t know what’s needed that’s when we reach out to a peer as my friend did. I reminded him what he needed was just to have confidence in his ability.

The power of motivation
Motivation and encouragement can be game changers in you life and relationships if you allow it to be. Sometimes you can be that person that keeps people from quitting and be that final push to move someone to the next level. Today I find myself having to motivate Myself to get up and have to remind myself of the greater purpose I serve. Motivation is simply a reminder of the “why” in what you are doing. There are some roads that seem so long we become complacent and get tunnel vision. When this happens, we only see what we are doing and not where we are going. If we lose sight of the destination, how can expect our journey to mean much?

The power of positivity
Positivity was very important in this. My positivity was tried and true because I felt I was doing what I was meant to do. Although I thought my purpose was to go pro at that time, I know now it was to learning encouragement and selflessness. The feeling of being in the right place gave me the right kind of tunnel vision. I only saw ways of making myself see a my role as something greater. I found a way of enduring. There were times I felt discouragement and failure but I felt I was there for a reason and couldn’t quit until the season was over and quit I didn’t. I dug my feet in, practiced before and after the team practice. I had others join me a few times and picked up my Work ethic and integrity. These are to things I hold very dear now as a father, husband and man of God, Work ethic and integrity. Not only did my a words reflect my positivity but so did my actions .

No when to move on
Now there did come a point where I had to move on. I ended up injuring my knee and could no longer play after the surgery No matter how much I tried. I quickly recognized it wasn’t something I should keep doing. I felt a sense of completion and closure. I didn’t wish for more or felt I missed something. When the adversity is over and you can name tangible things you have learned and can see evidence of that or fruit you are ready. This only happened through examination.

Fruit of adversity
Finally, don’t waste adversity. It’s hectic to go through twice. There should be something that we gain from these moments of adversity. We can only gain things from examining and dissecting what adversity revealed about us. Who did adversity reveal we were? Will you be courageous enough to face who you saw? Will you be bold enough to challenge who you see?